Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Wedding Crashers Part 1

It never ceases to amaze me that every time we embark on a winery tour we have some sort of crazy thing happen and this by far was one of the craziest.

I never intended to crash a wedding. As a matter of fact, noting my tendency to avoid anything remotely embarrassing or god forbid to bring attention to myself, I am shocked to say we crashed two weddings on the same day. You have to keep in mind though that my husband Murray has no such tendencies and doesn't mind leading the rest of the group down a questionable path.

I generally don't go into establishments that have a "closed" sign hanging in the window but that doesn't stop Murray. This was about the third time we tried to visit "Allison Oaks Vineyards" in Yadkinville. One time a nice lady in the "Yadkin Cultural Arts Center" across the street told us that their hours of operation varied. That was a business concept that had us a little baffled but we are a determined lot and finding a closed sign when clearly folks were inside, did not stop us. We entered the premises and although there was a great deal of hustle and bustle going on around us a pleasant, elderly woman greeted us at the door. We asked her about doing a wine tasting noting the sign said they were closed. The woman seemed a little flustered but quickly turned the sign to open and led us to the tasting bar. A moment later another woman approached us who was introduced as the winery owner, Pam Renegar. When she realized we were there for a wine tasting you could see that Pam was clearly annoyed but she handled it like a trooper. Pam indicated that she thought the sign said they were closed but the elderly lady piped up, "Oh it was, but I fixed it!".  She quickly changed it back to closed and then she nicely told us it would have to be a quick one as they were hosting a wedding reception. Hence we had a very nice tasting, Pam didn't rush it at all and we even got to meet the bride and groom. Okay...It was more like we bumped into the bride and groom. Just as we were leaving the limo pulled up and yes, we could be in a few of their wedding pictures as we couldn't get out the door while the wedding party was coming in.

Stayed tuned for Part 2....


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